For better electrical safety in Canberra and surrounds

Experts in just about everything you can plug in and turn on

There are electrical companies and then there’s Berkeley Electrical Services. Our business strategy is about more than just supplying the bare requisite or putting in the minimum effort. Our mission is to rise above our competitors by providing a personal and attentive service that delivers better service and improved electrical safety, as a company we’re committed to setting trends in Canberra and surrounds, not following them.

electrician assuring your electrical safety in Canberra

The experts

Our reputation as an electrical company in Canberra and surrounds is built on skillful, consistent and reliable work by our expert electricians. Each job is overseen by a fully qualified and experienced professional, so you can always be sure your building and belongings are in very safe hands.

The support

At Berkeley Electrical Services we believe that all our products and services represent a different key part of our business, and as such should hum in harmony together to meet even the highest expectations of our customers. Our cornerstones are:

  • Convenience
  • Friendly service
  • Expertise
  • Cost effectiveness

Our pledge

Since the beginning of our business we have looked at what can set us apart from the competition and really propel us to be the best in the business. We have constantly sought to solve our client’s electrical safety concerns with innovative solutions which mark us for our attention to detail, customer focus and cost effectiveness.